Chileense Marine


The 25,000-person navy, including 5,200 marines, is directed by Admiral Rodolfo Codina. Of the fleet of 66 surface vessels (soon to be increased to seventy-four), seven are major combatant ships and they are based in Valparaíso. The navy operates its own aircraft for transport and patrol; there are no fighter or bomber aircraft. The Navy also operates four submarines and a tender ship to support them, all based in Talcahuano.

The Chilean Navy’s most important asset is the 22,000 men and women that develop, maintain and operate the naval and maritime resources and land-based support installations.

The men and women who comprise the Chilean Navy all share a set of clearly recognizable traits, that is, their commitment to serving their country, their values, their devotion to tradition and family principles, as well as a high level of professionalism. Apart from being responsible for defending the nation’s sovereignty and its territory, the Chilean Navy is also involved in serving the public and supporting the country’s citizens by means of assignments that have a direct effect upon Chile’s development.

The Naval ships permit the integration of Chile’s Pacific and Southern island regions, thus integrating its disjointed geography and acting as a binding agent for Chile’s tri-continental features. The transport of passengers, especially during the school year or in cases of emergency, together with the supply of provisions and fuel, are of key importance to the inhabitants of these insular zones.

The Institution regularly carries out civil operations whereby Navy professionals provide social assistance and health care to the civilian population, and provide support in cases of natural catastrophe.

It also undertakes preventative education campaigns for Chile’s population on issues that include security on beaches and seaside resorts and measures to be taken in the case of a tsunami.


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