Knowledge Exchange Meeting

The AMC Centre wants to add depth to the relations and knowledge transfer between Asset Management Control partners through a community. 

Besides the annual AMC Seminar events the following goals have been set:


  • Expanding the Asset Management Control field;
  • Stimulating innovations in the Asset Management Control field and making this knowledge available to participants in the community;
  • Discovering new cooperations between community members that have products and services available that can interconnect;
  • Integration of several technical (management) educations relating to Asset Management Control on an entry-, bachelor- or master- level education.


  • Making the AMC Plaza portal accessible to everyone, but giving community members certain rights;
  • Research projects in cooperation with AMC students, Master Course tutors and students will gain access to the AMC Plaza Portal;
  • Using and implementing the Methods & Techniques Catalogue;
  • Supporting these efforts with AMC Centre news bulletins;
  • Possibly organizing a 'fun & function' week, giving participants an AMC training over the course of one week and discovering the 'fun' in Team Based Learning.

The calendar and the forming of the Community will be kept up to date in cooperation with community members.

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